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North Atlantic Seafood A/S was established 2013 as a partnership with Halibut Greenland A/S, Ilulissat, Greenland. 


Halibut Greenland primarily produces locally caught Greenland halibut and Atlantic cod. Export of these pristine products to the global market is handled by North Atlantic Seafood. The partnership and collaboration between our two companies means that everyone contributes with what they are best at.


Since the partnership was established, North Atlantic Seafood has expanded it's supplier base to include suppliers from across the North Atlantic Ocean. As a result, today we are the leading distributor of Greenland halibut.

There is no saying North Atlantic Seafood without saying
Halibut Greenland

Halibut Greenland was founded in Ilulissat, Greenland in 2008 by local fishermen who wanted to drive a change in the conditions of their profession. As such, the company is primarily owned by the local fishermen who deliver their daily catch from their own day boats and small vessels to Halibut Greenland for processing.


North Atlantic Seafood handles the export and distribution of these pristine products to the global market. 


Halibut Greenland is a minority shareholder in North Atlantic Seafood and vice versa; both companies are part of the Kangamiut Group.

"Thanks to our profound product knowledge and the close collaboration with our valued suppliers, North Atlantic Seafood has become a world leader in export and distribution of the finest quality Greenland halibut"


Thomas Jordansen

CEO, North Atlantic Seafood


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We are continuously welcoming passionate and talented new colleagues in North Atlantic Seafood and our family of sister companies.

Whether you are looking for a dynamic place to start your career with a tailormade educational position, or whether you are an experienced fish monger or logistics specialist, we look forward to hearing from you!